What’s new

Summaries/highlights of new releases of the Qwizcards plugin.

Labeled-diagram shortcodes

How to create labeled diagrams “manually.”

Free-form word-match terms

How to customize the “suggestions” provided for free-form input.


Qwizcards’s shortcodes and options.

Settings / options

The Qwiz Settings page lets you control the display of the Qwiz icon/link, lets you set your own labels for buttons and other text, and more.


Instructions and link to the WordPress plugin page for Qwiz, or download a standalone (non-WordPress) version of Qwiz.

Admin toolbar Qwizcards menu

The WordPress administrative toolbar includes a “Qwizcards” menu item, “Keep ‘next’ button active”.  This allows you to skip quiz questions or labeled diagrams or flashcards to more quickly check any edits you have made.


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