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The are several options for the Qwiz plugin that you can specify with the Qwiz Settings menu page.

You access the Qwiz Settings menu page by navigating Dashboard > Settings > Qwiz.

Here are brief notes on the available options.

Mobile-device full-screen option/icon

On small-screen devices, the default is that users automatically see a full-screen view of a quiz or flashcard deck once the user starts that quiz or deck. Also, an icon allows the user to switch the full-screen view off and on. You can disable the full-screen views and icon.

First-card Qwiz icon/link

By default the first “card” of a flashcard deck or the first page of a quiz show a “Q” icon in the bottom-left corner, which provides a link to the Qwiz web site.  You can hide the icon, or show the icon without a link.

Free-form input options

You can specify several default settings for questions and flashcards with free-form input (where the user types a few letters and selects from a list of suggestions).

Default for use_dict.  Whether an English-language dictionary will be used for suggestion words.  You can override this default on a quiz- or flashcard-specific basis by adding a “use_dict” attribute to the [qwiz] or [qdeck] shortcode.

Default for use_terms.  Whether a list of biology terms will be used for suggestion words.  You can override this default on a quiz- or flashcard-specific basis by adding a “use_terms=” attribute to the [qwiz] or [qdeck] shortcode.

Time till “Hint” button shown.   How long before the “Hint” button automatically appears.

Hangman hint options

You can change how many hints (letters) may be given.  You can also customize this for individual questions or flashcards by adding a “hint=” attribute to the hangman shortcode.

Customize button labels, etc.

You can change the text that appears on buttons, or anywhere else.  For example, you could change the flashcard button, “Need more practice,” to “Try card again later”.  The Qwiz Settings page has instructions.

HTML element that contains quiz and flashcard content (shortcodes, etc.)

Normally, WordPress page content is within a div having class “entry-content”.  Some themes change this, however, and then the Qwiz plugin won’t work (it leaves your shortcodes showing, rather than turning them into quizzes and flashcard decks).  You can change where the Qwiz plugin will look for the page content with this option.

Beta version of Qwiz plugin

Occasionally a new version of the Qwiz plugin is made available for testing.  You can download and test the current beta version.  You may also “deploy” (move into production) the beta version.  When testing, the beta version is only active for your current (admin) login.  In addition, when testing the beta version, the Qwiz icon in the lower left corner of the first page or card of each quiz or flashcard deck has a red background as a reminder that you are using the beta version.  (This does not occur when the beta version is put into production.)

Revert to an earlier version of Qwiz plugin

If you have a problem with an update, you can go back to a previous version.  (Note: available versions are listed here.)  Caution: recently-created quizzes may not work properly with older versions of the plugin.



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