One in a million

One in a million

The dot is really there!  Can you find it?  We’re using your screen’s pixels for this “one-in-a-million” challenge. This square is 1000 pixels on each side — that’s one million “dots”; only one dot is colored.  Hover on the dot — it will let you know if you’ve found it.

You can use the controls to change the size of the dot field, and you can try different colors — you may find a color combination that makes it easier to spot the dot.  It can also help to scroll (so you can tell the dot from dust on your screen!).  “New dot” will move the one dot to a new random location.  Good luck, and have fun!

[rdgm style=”border-width: 0 !important; margin-top: -20px;” hide_progress=”true” hide_r_diagrams_icon=”true” mobile_enabled=”false”]

[q hotspot_user_interaction=”info_only” show_hotspots=”hover_show” hotspot_labels_stick=”hover_show” find_the_dot_width=”1000″ find_the_dot_height=”1000″ find_the_dot_dot_color=”#ff0000″ find_the_dot_background_color=”#ffffff”]

Yes, you found the one!





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