Admin toolbar Qwizcards menu

When you are logged in as an administrator, the WordPress admin toolbar (black bar at the top of the page) will show a “Qwizcards” menu item.

This menu provides an option to “Keep ‘next’ button active”.  When you are viewing a page that has quizzes and or flashcard decks, clicking this menu item will enable the “next card” button (“Got it!”) for flashcards or display the “Next question” button for quizzes at all times.  This allows you to quickly move through flashcard decks or quiz questions in case you want to check edits you have made.

Ordinarily, users must view the back side of a flashcard before the “next card” button is enabled, and they must answer a question (or place all labels on a labeled diagram) before the “Next question” button is displayed.

The “Keep ‘next’ button active” option allows you as an editor to bypass these requirements so you can more quickly test any changes you make to quizzes or flashcard decks.

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